Taxi Service

This opportunity is a job/business development project making motorbike become economically sound ground transportation for people in Haiti for point to point trip, packages delivery for within city limits and surroundings. MAFI wants to create self reliance, self-sufficient individuals. Moreover, the motorbike taxi will allow for income making for the Muslims brothers and sisters helping them to sustain their selves.
We do not want to constantly rely on donors for generating the income we need to survive and continue our work for the community we operate.
On popular street corners we will place a collection of motorbikes and a gaggle of drivers wearing brightly colored vests. They are capable of negotiating the narrow lanes and trips around town should cost about less in Gourde (Haitian Currency).
We will need to buy helmet for people who choose to take long trip with our Motorbike taxi.
The goal will be to expand form this Motorbike Taxi to a more sustainable and profitable transportation company; like inner-city transportation using yellow buses and/or/van or minibus for other jobs.

ByUs Products

MAFI-ByUs (our label) is another job/business development project to open doors to the talented brothers and sisters we have that can design and tailor made Islamic accessories.
ByUs hand manufactures Kufi; brothers and sisters with talent making Kufi will find an outlet to put their crochet skills to work for them and to create a means of income and independence for themselves and their Muslims family. MAFI is only present to help them on their entrepreneur skills sets to sale avenues for their products and services. ByUS labels will also specialize in making design for hijab, dresses for sisters around the world (pay for well designed tailored clothing at wholesale price!)