The Muslim Shelter/Center will be house/building we would like to rent for year to provide harbor for Muslims brothers and sisters locally and out of town; needing a place to stay and live for a short period of time.
The house/ building will also play a role of boarding for Muslims brothers and sisters visiting from other countries and other cities in Haiti to shelter them.
The visiting brothers or sisters will the very few special people would have visited us in the States to train, to exchange and to educate our Haitian brothers and sisters.
The Muslims Shelter/ building will also be the area we will hopefully establish the trade school program to have live hands-on classrooms (Labs). In these labs (like plumbing, electric, bakery, etc…) the brothers and sisters will practice and learn the trade of choice and as well have a mosque.
The building will serve for many things like lodging, education (Trade School, Islamic studies), and place of freedom to express faith when our brothers and sister’s home or family and friends are persecuting them (safe harbor).