Our Community The Muslim communityin Haiti is currently young and developing. Unfortunately, the infrastructure is not established to help the age group varying between 17 to 40 year of age brothers and sisters. Currently MAFI has 25 youth that comes on a regular basis looking for knowledge, guidance and assistance. We have a total of 40-50 in the town we operate that goes to Jumah and goes to the mosque we all attend.
This does not account for all the other Muslim community that we have all over the country that we are not able to touch and reach out to help them because of financial scarcity and logistical resources to help spread the assistance.
The Environment Based in Ayiti the foundation is face on factual problem that the youth and the muslim community now in Ayiti persecuted by family, friends, and the minority of their presence in the country. We were build to help provide a safe environment and an harbor to educate, to assist and to provide the proper environment for that community.
In lights of the last catastrophic event that happen in Ayiti, our muslims community suffered enormous hardship from the fellow Ayitian, family and friends making them homeless, and hungry.