Under this project already in progress, Brother H Muscadin takes the responsibilities with the knowledge he acquire, books he constantly buys to share and educate his brothers and sisters Muslims Haitians.
He shares basic knowledge from how to pray, how to make wudu, how to read the Qu’ran etc…
In this we need to help rebuild and/or rent as said above, the only location all our Haitian brothers and sisters where learning. Their center for education was at Brothers H. Muscadin home; which currently after the earthquake of this year is destroyed like everything else in Haiti.
There is no center for education/ facilities to facilitate education anymore. Time is hard but time is of an essence for us to dedicate and donate a facility for our brother and sister Muslims of Haiti to gain knowledge, educate, and grow in Islam.
We need to help rebuild Brother H.Muscadin home for the continuation of his work for Allah SWT teaching our Muslim community
Currently Brother H.Muscadin home is being rebuild so that the brothers and sisters can have a place temporary to continue their Islamic education and have a Musalah.
Once we have a building(the best options) or in this case, Brother Muscadin’s house rebuild we want to have a center for education/ trade school, with a library, class room(labs), and small media center to have other Imam participate in lectures