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Haiti needs your help

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New Community Being Built

This a new community being built in city in Haiti call Trouin.¬† So I it’s the Trouin ISLAMIC center , Masjid Al AHAD.

These events and activities have a direct results of the work of MA Foundation INC.

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Books distribution

Books distribution

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Featured on Assalam Radio

Listen to Br. Harry Muscadin week days 3:00pm eastern time.

He is starting a new series called “Al-Fath”

You can listen at Assalam Radio website or at Live 365

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We are in Facebook

Please support us and like and share our page on Facebook.


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Support us in this great Project

This property next to our Mussalat is for sale and they want to build a night club there. Help us stop this Satan project;help us purchased the property.

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Piastres!!! Do you remember it ?

Piastres!!! Do you remember it ?

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111 Barrels that you all donated

Assalam Alaikum ramatullah I’d Barakatuh brothers and Sisters,

Attached are pictures of the 111 barrels that you all have helped, donated and made possible to be sent to Assist Haitians Muslims and non Muslims in Haiti.
We thank you all and we looking forward to your continuous assistance as we keep you posted in the unfolding our […]

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Lands for Agricultural Project

Lands for Agricultural project.Need your supports for tools & plants.

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Our Temporary Shelter

This our temporary shelter:

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